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Soft Pull Credit Plans

Frequently asked Question:

Why should you monitor and protect your credit?

Knowing your credit profile, and knowing the steps to take to remedy bad credit is vital in the digital age. Employers, insurance companies, banks, and other lenders all check your credit. A recent article by CNBC shows that bad credit can cost you up to $45,000 in extra expenses including higher interest rates, higher payments, larger down payments, etc. Thus, revealing that a good credit score can help you save up to $45,000! Unless you have thousands in savings you will need credit to buy a home, car, finance your education, and utilize credit cards for other life expenses. 

But WHY?

Why Bother getting Credit Insurance?  

According to there are 6 million car accidents each year in the US. That may not make up a large percentage of the US population, but for all those involved, if they didn’t have auto insurance then they would be in serious jeopardy not to mention, new debt. Credit Insurance is very similar, about 1 in 3 Americans are victims of credit fraud & identity theft. Like car insurance if it happens to you, you’ll want to be covered. Rest easy knowing all Soft Pull members receive $1 Million dollars in credit insurance.

Forget the what ifs

What if your credit gets hacked?

With a new Identity Theft victim every two seconds, the time for credit insurance is now. A recent Harris Poll survey shows that nearly 60 Million Americans have been affected by Identity theft including 15 million in 2017 alone!

If your credit is hacked reality is they likely opened up fake accounts in your name and failed to pay those. Late or no-payments on mortgages, car loans, and even credit cards will ensure your credit score and profile take a massive hit and sustain substantial damage.  If you are a SoftPull Credit member, you can rest easy with a million dollar insurance policy backed by Experian to ensure you are covered from any fraud!