Soft Pull Credit

How important is your credit? Monitor your credit while avoiding inquiries with “soft pull” credit reports.
$1M in Identity & Credit Restoration Insurance.
Learn to harness proven smart money secrets & save thousands.

“Nearly 60 Million Americans have been affected” by Identity Theft
– 2018 Harris Poll Survey

“There’s a new Victim of Identity Theft Every 2 Seconds”
– Recent Identity Theft Study by
Javelin Strategy & Research

Million Dollar Identity & credit insurance

Get peace of mind & sleep well at night!

Covers Attorney & Expert Restoration

Our full service Identity Restoration Experts and attorney will restore  your identity and credit if ever compromised due to fraud or theft, up to $1M.

Includes Lost Wages & Income

Any income or wages lost as a result of identity & credit theft will be paid out when you’re a part of the Identity Insured family.

Additional Expense Compensation

Any personal expenses incurred to reinstate loans, grants, and other lines of credit as a result of identity theft will be paid out up to the limits of your plan.

Stats & Facts

With the average American spending more than 6 hours a day on the internet, more of our personal information is online than ever before. In fact, there is a victim of identity theft every 2 seconds and in 2018 alone over $1.4 billion was reported lost by consumers due to identity theft. Criminals are stealing credit and banking information and with it opening new accounts, receiving payday and mortgage loans, and even filing tax returns. Just like car insurance, you hope to never use it, but you’ll wish you had it in an emergency. Lock down $1 Million dollars in credit & identity insurance as a soft pull member.

Protecting your credit 24/7

Hard vs Soft Credit Pull

Most banks and financial lenders perform hard pull credit inquiries when determining loan eligibility. A hard credit pull will result in an inquiry reporting on your credit report for the following two years. Too many inquiries within a certain time frame will decrease your chances of funding with lenders and can have a negative effect on your credit. A soft pull credit inquiry will have zero impact on your credit whatsoever and will provide you with an updated credit report without reporting to the credit bureau. Using our soft pull technology you can both protect and monitor your credit easily.

Smart Money Secrets

More than 189 million Americans have credit cards and have over $13.86 trillion in debt in 2019. That’s not including the $122 billion they will spend on interest alone in 2019. Having debt is common but drowning in debt doesn’t have to be. In addition to protecting your credit and identity with Identity Insured, utilize our SmartMoney Secrets were you can learn how your credit score and profile are generated, save thousands on your home, auto, and credit card debt by harnessing proven strategies to eliminate your debt faster at 0% interest and unlock the secrets to winning lower rates from lenders on all funding types.

Enjoy the safety of the best identity & credit insurance on the market, coupled with dark web monitoring, social media monitoring, credit education, and more and the dark web today.

Protect Your Family

Protecting you and your family is personal to the Identity Insured team because to us, you are family. With our million dollar identity and credit insurance you can rest easy knowing that we are dedicated to protecting you and your family.

Be want to be more than your average insurance company, we also monitor credit applications, offer lost wallet restoration as well as powerful credit and finance education to strengthen your finances. These strategies can save your family thousands in lower rates, payments, and lending fees with our credit secrets.

Soft Pull Credit plans

Join the SmartMoney Revolution

In addition to protecting your credit and identity with Identity Insured, enjoy our SmartMoney resources where you can learn how your credit score and profile are generated, unlock the secrets to lower rates, and paying off your debts at 0% interest up to 15 months.

Making your payments on time is not enough, our team has reviewed hundreds of thousands of credit reports and will reveal strategies that can help you save on your mortgage, auto loans and credit cards year over year.

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